Youth's prolific production career spans three era's of music and encompases a myriad of styles, genre's and artists including David Gilmore, Primal Scream, Guns N' Roses,The Verve and Paul McCartney.



Youth's CV

The Cult - Born Into This (Producer)
Gun's N' Roses - Madagascar (Producer)
The Orb feat David Gilmore - Metallic Spheres (Writer/Producer)
The Fireman - Electric Arguments (Writer/Producer)
The Verve - Urban Hymns (Producer)
Primal Scream - Zombie Man (Producer)
Charlatans - You're So Pretty, We're So Pretty (Version '06) (Remixer/Producer)
Delays - Everything's The Rush (Producer)
Dolores O'Riordan - Are You Listerning (Producer)
The Futureheads - The Chaos (Producer)
Killing Joke - Absolute Dessent (Writer/Producer)
Infadels - Universe In Reverse (Producer)
Embrace - This New Day (Producer)
James - Seven (Producer)
The Days -No Ties (Producer)
Subkicks - Exist (Producer)
Client - Command (Writer/Producer)
Mumm-Ra - Out of the Question (Producer)
C/O/R/D - Other People's Lives Are Not As Perfect As They Seem(Producer)
Joujouka - Are You Elovetric (Producer)
Kubb - Mother (Producer)
Exist - Spiders And Saints (Producer)
Heather Nova - Oyster (Producer)
Dido - Don't Think Of Me (Producer)
Vanessa Mae - White Bird (Producer)
Beth Orton - Best Bit (Producer)
Crowded House - Together Alone (Producer)
The Seahorses - You Can Talk To Me (Producer)

Yazz, Shola Ama, Celtic Cross, Kharma 45, Zodiac Youth, Suns of Arqua, Kumba Mela Experiment, Andy Bolleshon, Black Sun, Transparent, Flint, Maralyn Manson, Harry, Howie Day, Jean-Marc & Claude Challe & Leomeo, Bananarama, Dub Trees, DJ Simple, Alien Sex Fiend, Shack, Natacha Atlas, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Art of Noise, Symposium, Celtic Cross, System 7, Mundy, Gravity Kils, Zoe, Gong, Naomi Campbell, Pop Will Eat Itself, Paul Okenfold, Marcella Detroit, Baba G, Sacred Spirit, 777, Spectre, Tom Jones, U2, Dao Dezi, Bob Geldof, Executive Slacks, Esta, Oui 3, Shamen, Aon, Wet Wet Wet, Louise Thomas, Sweetest Child, Sugarcubes, Blue Pearl, Fintribe, De La Soul, State of Mind, Stereo MC's, Lynda Law, Yazoo, Jam on The Mutha, Carol Kenyon, Portion Control, Heavy Duty Breaks, E.B.H, A Guy Called Gerald,Soho